Learnster U v12

Learnster U version 12 release notes.

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This release brings one small Learnster U update.

"Sticky" congratulations page

When users are done with all their course activities, Learnster will show a congratulations page marking that they have completed the course. In previous versions, this page was shown once and only once, at course completion. This works well for simpler use cases, but for more complex setups with, for instance, assignment questions that need course instructor approval, the page didn't show until the course instructor approved the questions which could often happen after the user was done with all activities which could be confusing for learners whether they were done with their part or not. Similarly, when users returned to a course via the course history to refresh their knowledge the congratulation page wasn't displayed at the end risking confusing users whether all material was done or not.

In v12, we have added a "sticky" congratulations page that, once the user is done with all activities, is shown and automatically added as the last course activity which clearly marks and shows the end of the course.

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