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Overview your course history, repeat courses and download certificates

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About Course History

In Learnster U learners can easily access and get an overview of their course history. Here learners can see what courses they've completed, repeat courses and download course certificates.

Navigate to your Course History

  1. Go to Learnster U and login to your Learnster Account.

  2. From the start page, click your initials or profile picture in the top right corner.

  3. This will open a menu, choose "Course History".

Here you'll find all your completed courses listed ⭐️

Repeat a Course

If you want to repeat a course or revisit an activity in a course, this can also be done in Course History.

  1. Open your Course History and click the course that you want to repeat.

  2. Click the tab called "Activities". Here you'll find all activities in the course.

  3. Click on an activity to open the course and navigate in the left side menu.

Download Certificate

If a learner wants to download their certificate after completing the course they are able to do so in the Course History. Simply go to Course History:

and click "Download Certificate" for the specific course.

ℹ️ If there isn't a "Download Certificate" button for a course, it's because certificate has been inactivated for this course by administrators of the course.

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