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Use page reactions to get valuable feedback from your Learners!

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Let your Learners give you feedback on course pages in Learnster U. We call this feature Reactions. This is of great help to get valuable feedback that can improve your course content!

Where do I find the Reactions feedback?

You can review all user reactions in Page analytics.

To find Page analytics:

  1. Go to Studio and open a course.

  2. Go to a page, quiz or survey.

  3. Click the tab Analytics on top of the page.

How do I turn Reactions on or off?

Reactions are on by default. We recommend using Reactions since it can give you valuable feedback from your users, but if you do wish to turn them off you do it on each page.

To turn Reactions off:

  1. Go to Studio and open a course.

  2. On the course outline, click on the More menu (the three dots) next to a page.

  3. Choose Disable Learner Reactions.

Show the name of the Content designer in page reactions

If a course has a Content designer assigned to it, the name and profile image of the Content designer will be displayed in the Reactions feedback section in Learnster U (image 1 below).

To turn the display off (image 2 below):

  1. Go to Studio and open a course.

  2. Go to Course settings > General.

  3. Turn Personalized Page Feedback OFF.

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