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Release notes for the Learnster 1.7 release - Learnster Studio

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The 1.7 release brings no huge new features but rather an array of improvements to a wide number of existing functions and features aimed Learners, Administrators and Course Designers.

See below for more extensive descriptions of all changes. Here is what's new:

  • Automated calendar invites for Scheduled Blocks

  • Podcast Activity

  • Custom Thumbnails for Video Activity

  • Video Player Size Control

  • Image Carousel Captions

  • Image Size Control

  • Custom Thumbnails, Text and Description for URL Activities

  • WYSIWYG Editor update

  • Updated Studio view for Team Managers

  • Sidebar update

Automated calendar invites for Scheduled Blocks

If you are using Scheduled Blocks for IRL, Webinar, Video or Social events your Learners can now get invitations/bookings directly to their calendars together with their invitation emails.

In order to enable this feature, add the [session_calendar] Smart Code to your enrollment System Messages ("Learner enrolled on/added to a course" and "Learner enrolled on/added to multiple courses").

Podcast Activity

We have added a new activity type for sound files. Just like videos, you can now upload sound files for your Learners to listen to.

Quiz and Survey Mode Single Question Assignment

You can now add an Assignment/Free Text Question as a Single Question both in Quiz and Survey Mode.

In Quiz Mode, the Instructor will have to set the Learners answer as Correct or Incorrect. In Survey Mode, the answer does not have to be assessed by the Instructor and will instead be available for review.

Custom Thumbnails for Video Activity

It is now possible to choose a custom thumbnail for hosted and embedded (YouTube, Vimeo, TED) videos.

Video Player Size Control 

You can now control whether your videos (both hosted and embedded) should be displayed in the full column width or by column width.

Full Column Width

Column Width

Image Carousel Captions

You can now add image captions to Image Carousel images.

Image Size Control

You can now choose the image width of images in your Pages.

Pages in Learnster are based on a 12 column grid and the image sizes relate to the grid as follows:

  • Small - 6 columns width

  • Medium - 8 columns width

  • Large - 12 columns width

  • XLarge - full column width 

Custom Thumbnails, Text and Description for URL Activities

You can now control the thumbnail image, description and name of URL Activities.

WYSIWYG Editor update

We have updated our WYSIWYG Editor to include an emoji picker and added it as a part of the Text Activity.

Updated Studio view for Team Managers

We have made a small update in Studio for Team Managers. We now show the Teams view directly to avoid unnecessary navigation.

Sidebar update

This is a pure esthetic update where we have updated the look and feel of the Sidebar in Learnster Studio.

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