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Setting up your Learnster platform
Setting up your Learnster platform

Set up your platform with the correct contact information, default language, and other useful settings.

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There are many settings in Learnster that can be used to create a superior learning experience. In this article, we'll guide you through the basics, so you quickly can get going with your courses. Some of them might not apply to you, but it's good to know where to find them in case you need them!

General settings

You'll find general settings in Studio > Settings > General settings. Below you will find text descriptions and an image to get some more detailed information.

1. Name of Training Provider
This is the name that the Learners will see when they get invited to your Learnster platform and can therefore preferably be your company name. The name will also show up in notifications (see image below).

2. Email
Add an email adress so that your Learners can reach out to you if they have any questions about the courses. This email address will show up as default in some notifications.  

3. Phone number
Add a phone number here if you want the Learners to be able to call you. This phone number will show up as default in some notifications.  

4. Allow SMS
This is where you activate SMS messages so that notifications are sent by SMS (and/or by email). Note that SMS notifications may lead to additional costs due to traffic charges. Please contact the support if you have any questions.

Language in U

5. Default Language
The language you choose will be the default system language when a user log in to Learnster U. Click and choose language in the dropdown menu.

6. Choose Available Languages
When you activate, for example English and Swedish, your users can choose between these two system languages in the footer on the course overview page in Learnster U.

ℹ️ See available languages in Learnster in the picture below.

Course Catalog

7. Show Course Catalog in Learnster U
This activates the Course Catalog. A link will then show in the top menu in Learnster U. Here, you can add courses that the Learners themselves can choose to register to. You need to activate each course in Course settings > Catalog. Then toggle on the switch next to include in Course Catalog.

8. By Default Enroll Learners Automatically
Choose if you want Learners to register automatically or if you want administrators to approve the registration (this will be the default setting). You can control enrollment settings for individual courses in Course Settings > Catalog. Toggle on the switch to access Enrollment settings.

User Required Fields

9. Select Fields Required for Users
Choose the fields you wish to be mandatory when a Learner is added as a User.
Note: For this to work, you need to manage more settings. Please contact the support for more information.

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