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Add pages and content to start building your course.

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After you've created a course you can add pages and content under the Course Outline.

Create a page and fill it with content

Step 1: Click on the tab Create in your course.

Step 2. Add a block type. Please choose Unscheduled in this example.

ℹ️ Blocks are used to group course sections. A course can consist of one or many blocks depending on your course design. There are two types of blocks:

  • Scheduled - used for scheduled events (Location or Online events).

  • Unscheduled - used for online activities.

Step 3. Once you've created a block, click on "+ Add Page" and select activity type. Then, type the name of the page and press ENTER. Finally, click “+ Add content" to start building.

ℹ️ If there are existing activity pages in the Library, you'll get a list of suggestions.

Step 4. You can now start adding content to your activity page by simply dragging and dropping activity types from the activity type menu at the bottom.

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