Duplicate a course

You can easily duplicate a course and reuse or edit the content.

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When duplicating a course all content, structure, and settings are copied. By duplicating a course you can reuse content instead of starting all over and create a new course.

Reasons for copying a course

Here are two examples of when the course duplication feature will come in handy:Β 

  1. Using the same content for multiple courses, but you might want to do some changes to an upcoming course.

  2. Using the same structure for multiple courses. If you structure your courses in a similar way, save time by creating a "template" course that you can then duplicate whenever you're creating a new course.

How to duplicate a course

You can easily make a copy of your course on your course overview page!

  1. Go to Studio and click on Courses in the left bar menu.

  2. Locate the course you want to duplicate and click the more menu (the three dots) on the right side.

  3. Select Create duplicate and name the copy.

  4. The copied course will be listed alphabetically in the course list.



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