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The 1.6 release brings improvements to the Quiz & Survey functionality released in 1.5, new administrative roles and a set of brand new features with a very cool name: Learnster Actions ⚡.

Learnster Actions

Most courses can be seen as a chain of events. An example of a setup could be that a course starts with an email invitation, then, the Learner starts with a prework activity, which is followed by an onsite training session. Then, the Learner continues with some online activities, one more onsite activity, and finally a wrap-up online activity. This gives the following chain of events:

  1. The Learner receives a course invitation by email

  2. does the Prework activity

  3. attends the onsite session

  4. does the online course activities 

  5. attends the second onsite session 

  6. finishes up the course by performing the online wrap-up session.

But say that, in order to get the most out of the first onsite session, it's very important that your Learner does the Prework activity (step 2) and you would like to send a reminder to the Learners that haven't done the Prework activity, and reward the ones that have done it by sending them a cat video?

...with Actions you can do that!

Or perhaps you would like to send a message a couple of days after the course finishes to give your Learners a chance to refresh their knowledge or give them tips for additional material that they can dig into on their own? With Actions you can do that!

We know that we are neither smart or imaginative enough to think of all the different Actions you will want to do in your courses with your Learners. Therefore, instead of building specific reminders or other actions, we built an extremely flexible and dynamic, but at the same time easy to use, system where you can define your own conditions and what actions should happen when those conditions are met. With Actions, you have the power to customize your courses with the exact chain of events, for specific circumstances and individually, Learner per Learner.

To create a new Action, go to the course outline and choose New Action.

Start by naming your Action. Create the condition for your Action using the + Add Condition Dialog and finally choose the Action that should be performed using the + Add Action dialog.

This release brings the following Condition options:

  • Previous Page ➡️ Is Finished/Is not Finished

  • All Pages Above ➡️ Are Finished/Are not Finished

  • Any Page ➡️ Are Finished/Are not Finished 

...and the following Actions:

  • Send Predefined Message to the Learner/the Learner's Manager(s)/Admin(s)/the Course Instructor(s)

  • Send Custom Message to the Learner/the Learner's Manager(s)/Admin(s)/the Course Instructor(s) 

Predefined Custom Messages

We have added the possibility to create Predefined Custom Messages that you can use with Learnster Actions and Tag Rules. You create Custom Messages from the Library.

New Roles and Permissions

We have added a brand new Administrative role, Content Designer, and improved the Instructor role.

Content Designer is a course and content creator role. A Content Designer has Learnster Studio access and is able to create courses, create and manage course content and manage course settings. A Content Designer has access to the courses, and only the courses, he or she is a Content designer for (in contrast to Administrators that have access to all courses).

Content Designers can:

  • Log into Learnster Studio.

  • Create new courses.

  • Access and manage course content (for courses which they are Content Designers).

  • Access and manage Course Settings (for courses which they are Content Designers).

  • Access and manage Library content.

Content designers cannot:

  • Log into Learnster Nelson.

  • Access and manage Learners, Course Progress or Course Analytics.

  • Access and manage Users.

  • Access and manage Tags.

  • Access and manage general settings.

Instructor is a course management role. An Instructor has Learnster Studio and Learnster Nelson access and is able to access and manage Learners.

Instructors can:

  • Log into Learnster Studio.

  • Log into Learnster Nelson.

  • Access and manage Learners (for courses which they are Instructors).

  • Access and manage Course Progress (for courses which they are Instructors).

Instructors cannot:

  • Create new courses, manage course content or course settings.

  • Access and manage Library content.

  • Access and manage Users.

  • Access and manage Tags.

  • Access and manage general settings.

We have also updated the administrative interface for users and you can now easily choose which roles a user should have. 

Change Success/Fail feedback for Quiz 

You can now customize the Success/Fail messages. You can set it globally for the whole quiz, or for a single question.

For global settings for a whole quiz, go to Quiz Settings...

...and for a single question go to Question Settings.

New Tag Rules Actions

We have added three new Tag Rules Actions:

  • Send notification

  • Delete user

  • and...

  • Set user as Team Manager

Bulk upload updates

We have updated Bulk upload Advanced Settings. The new set of Advanced Settings are:

  • First Name - overwrite

  • Last Name - overwrite

  • Title - overwrite

  • Country - overwrite

  • Office - overwrite

  • Mobile phone number - overwrite

  • Company - overwrite

  • About - overwrite

  • SSO identifier - overwrite

  • Teams member - overwrite

  • Teams manager - overwrite

  • Tags - omit/overwrite/append

  • Roles - omit/overwrite/append

Advanced settings are used to allow overwriting or appending data and settings for existing users. Bulk upload is normally used to add new users. But, in some cases, you might want to change or add data for existing users. As a safety measure, Learnster will by default not allow to change existing data using the Bulk upload. You can override this behavior by choosing which data should be allowed to be overwritten or appended for existing users.

Please note that the format of the Bulk upload template file has been updated.  You need to download the updated file and use the new format for Bulk upload to work.

We hope you'll enjoy this release! And please don't hesitate contacting us if you have any questions. 💜

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