How to add a location to be used in scheduled blocks, such as seminars and classroom events.

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About locations

Locations are used in scheduled blocks, especially for on-site activities like scheduled seminars and classroom events. The location information will be displayed in Learnster U as a map.

To create a location, go to Settings > Locations.

Settings descriptions

Address (Google Maps): Type and find the address in Google Maps.

Name of location: Enter a custom name for the location (mandatory).

Building: Add a building name (optional).

Room: Add a room name (optional).

Group Locations: Add to a Locations Group (optional)

Location Groups

If you're using multiple locations you can create Location Groups to easier oversee and manage your locations. Create a new group by hovering over the Location Group headline and click the + symbol next to it.

Location viewed in Learnster U

Location displayed in a course description in Learnster U:

Add a location to a course block

Once you have created a location, you can choose this location from a dropdown menu when you have created a scheduled block.

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